Setting a new standard in earplug quality with premium-grade, high-fidelity attenuation filters.

Our advanced membrane technology acts as a second set of eardrums. Diminishing sound vibration energy while preserving the quality of the sound experience. So that you can hear music and voices crystal clear while protecting your ears.

Girl holding Hears Earplugs

Years of development by leading hearing protection specialists have culminated in Hears' patented filter technology. This innovative technology ensures optimal sound clarity and protection, setting a new standard in earplug quality.

When compared to other industry-leading earplug brands, Hears offers the most consistent and stable sound, absorbing vibrations evenly across different pitches so everything sounds just as it should—like natural hearing.

Hears earplugs are top-of-the-line, offering unmatched protection while keeping sound quality intact. With careful design and testing, our filters ensure the best balance between safeguarding your hearing and preserving the richness of the sound you love.