Protecting your ears while hearing crystal-clear sound, with
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When ordering Hears earplugs, you will receive 4 different tip sizes (XS, S, M and L). To ensure proper hearing protection, make sure to use the proper size that fits in your ear comfortably.

How to find your perfect size:

Start with the default S ear tip size. Try this on and see how it feels! If it feels loose, falls out easily or if you hear no difference in sound reduction, go up a size. If you’re struggling to get them in or if they feel too tight in your ears, move down a size.

You can determine the size of the tip by counting the marks on the inner circle. The XS tip has 2 marks, the S tip has 3 marks, the M tip has 4 marks, and the L tip has 5 marks.

Hears earplugs silver night in ear


Hears earplugs are designed to be both washable and reusable, with a typical lifespan of up to 2 years, perfect for the average party enthusiast.

For earplugs with special filters like Hears, submerging them in water could damage the internal mechanism. To clean, carefully wipe the ear tips and wipe with soapy water and a damp cloth. We recommend cleaning the ear tips after couple uses to maintain good hygiene. 

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Before using your new set of Hears make sure to check out the manual for more information. It's important that you use your new earplugs properly to ensure you're protecting your hearing. Hears earplugs are made to to help with noise reduction up to 20dB.

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