Hears for Music Artists

For DJs and music artists, prolonged exposure to high decibel levels during gigs, rehearsals, and studio sessions can lead to permanent hearing damage, including tinnitus and hearing loss. Quality earplugs like Hears are essential for reducing harmful volume levels while maintaining sound clarity, ensuring safe and effective hearing protection.

Comfortable Design

Made for extended wear, our earplugs come with multiple tip sizes to ensure a secure and snug fit. Hears earplugs also offer a -20dB of noise reduction, providing excellent protection from the harmful noise levels encountered in live performances and studio sessions. They maintain a balance that keeps the music clear and true to its original sound.

YAX.X wearing Hears earplugs

Performing with Earplugs

Hears earplugs offer high-fidelity sound reduction, providing superior sound quality by lowering the volume while preserving the clarity of all frequencies. This feature is crucial for DJs and music artists who need to hear every detail of their music accurately while performing.

Hears earplugs

Longterm Benefits

Providing an ideal solution for DJs and music artists needing reliable hearing protection without sacrificing sound quality. With features like high-fidelity sound reduction, customizable fit, and high noise reduction, Hears earplugs are a valuable investment for professionals who want to protect their hearing while performing and mixing music.