SJRM at Paradiso, May 10th 2024

SJRM at Paradiso, May 10th 2024

All Night Long with Hears with co-founders Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano!

In a celebration of both music and hearing health, Amsterdam's Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano are here to support the launch of Hears Earplugs at the iconic venue, Paradiso. Recognizing the importance of preserving hearing while enjoying the city's lively nightlife, this collaboration emphasizes the symbiotic relationship between sound and safety. As beats reverberate through Paradiso's historic halls, attendees will groove to the rhythm with Hears' innovative earplugs, ensuring a memorable experience without compromising on auditory well-being. This event not only showcases Amsterdam's rich musical talent but also champions a culture of responsible partying and care for one's ears.

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