Hears at Sónar Festival

Hears at Sónar Festival

In a groundbreaking move towards promoting hearing health at music festivals, Hears Earplugs proudly announces its collaboration with Sonar, Spain's premier electronic music festival. As the first festival in Spain to prioritize hearing protection, Sonar's partnership with Hears Earplugs marks a significant step in the industry's evolution towards responsible partying.

With the pulsating beats of electronic music as its core, Sonar has always been synonymous with innovation and creativity. Now, by integrating Hears Earplugs into its offerings, Sonar underscores its commitment to enhancing the festival experience while safeguarding attendees' auditory wellness.

Hears Earplugs, renowned for its advanced technology and dedication to sound quality preservation, provides custom-designed ear protection solutions tailored for Sonar's diverse audience. From the main stage's electrifying performances to the immersive installations of the Sonar+D area, festival-goers can indulge in the vibrant atmosphere without compromising their hearing health.

This collaboration between Hears and Sonar not only sets a new standard for music festivals but also serves as a model for global events. By prioritizing hearing protection, Sonar and Hears Earplugs redefine the festival experience, demonstrating that responsible partying and unforgettable moments can coexist harmoniously. Join us at Sonar and experience the future of festival enjoyment, where your ears are as cared for as your enjoyment.

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